Definition of Outplacement (OP)

Outplacement is a systematic professional help for laid-off employees, which is usually paid by the employer. The main objective is to improve the behaviour of the laid-off employee on the labour market and enable him/her to quickly find a new job. The service is provided until the successful on-boarding of the laid-off employee with a new employer. Outplacement services are aimed at employees who are forced to leave the company due to a change to corporate strategy, relocation of the company, merger, outsourcing of services, reorganization, restructuring or due to other circumstances not caused by the laid-off employee.

Advantages of Outplacement for Employers:

· The employer is regarded as a socially oriented company by the laid-off employees as well as the remaining staff.
· Unwanted turnover among the remaining employees is reduced.
· Possible damage to the reputation of the company with customers and suppliers is prevented.
· Labour disputes in connection with layoffs are avoided.
· Costs of any future recruitment of new employees are reduced.

Individual Outplacement

Example of steps in an individual outplacement programme

Introduction meeting Reducing frustration, disappointment and anxiety, inducing a mood change in the dismissed employee; clarifying the content of outplacement programme; establishing a schedule for the upcoming weeks; building a partnerships and trust between the coach and the participant of outplacement programmes; outlining opportunities and prospects in the career change process
Assessing current situation and analysis of possible perspectives of outplacement programme participant Analysing strengths and weaknesses of outplacement programme participant; analysing employment opportunities; determining future career goals
Defining individual job search strategy Analysing open labour market (job advertisements in print and electronic media, websites of various employers); analysing hidden job market; contacting recruiters and HR managers
Preparing job application documents Optimizing CV; certificates and other documents; assisting in preparation of cover letter
Training and preparation of candidate Preparing for job interviews with employers and HR consultancy companies; presentation and argumentation techniques; body language
Coaching in job application process Supporting during search for new job (evaluation of new perspectives, support during salary negotiations, potential risks in new employment contract)
On-boarding support during trial period Assessing current situation; identifying key areas; discussing possible solutions to any problem situations