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Teamconsult’s social engagement is based on the beliefs of its management and employees. Teamconsult has been participating in various projects in the social sector for many years.

Examples of projects from previous years:

Dead Sea Project

The Managing Partner of Teamconsult organized on the basis of personal experience in his own family a project which involved a 4-week stay of 24 Czech children with skin diseases accompanied by 8 other people (parents, teachers, doctors) at the Dead Sea in Israel, where they were in the care of a German medical centre.

Reception Centre in Kladno

For more than 10 years, we have been collecting gifts several times a year, which are then handed over to the Reception Centre in Kladno. These gifts are available to women and children who temporarily stay in the centre.

Czechoslovak Rehabilitation Society of Dr. Vojta

Teamconsult has been supporting the Vojta Society for many years through donations to finance its activities. Vojta Society preserves the medical heritage of prof. MUDr. Václav Vojta, who developed a very successful method for the treatment of movement disorders.